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About RLCraft

RLCraft is among the popular modpack for Minecraft built by Shivaxi. It is supposed to be the challenging mod for Minecraft. To give the game a more realistic experience while playing, this modpack of Minecraft adds plenty of new content to it. It also added tones of monsters who all want to kill you. This RLCraft beginner’s guide is designed for ones who are the old player of Minecraft and have just spawned into a new world. So let’s get started to explore the new world of Minecraft.

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  1. Shelter

If you think you can use your Minecraft knowledge in RLCraft, then you are wrong because it’s not going to use here. And you are going to die a lot at the inception of the game.

  • Firstly you have to find a shelter for yourself or a safe place where you can make a shelter. Also, make sure that this place consists of quickly acquiring water, trees, rocks, rather than lots of monsters.
  • The village is the best way to start your journey, but finding these villages is so hard that you will die while getting the one for you. These villages have a means to waypoints that helps you travel from one waypoint to another or revive with a scroll.
  • Tools

Getting tools in RLcraft is much more challenging than getting them in traditional Minecraft. A player requires a flint from rocks and branches from a tree (the leaves not the wood itself) so he can start the game. These rocks are usually discovered near water reservoirs or underwater. Dig it up continuously until you get flint.

  1. To make the flint shard out of flint, you need to right-click the top of a solid block with the rocks in your hand.
  2. You will next require to separate down leaves till you get the stick.
  3. Now use these flint shards and a stick to make a flint knife out of them.
  4. Then with the help of the flint knife, cut the grass and take the plant fiber. Utilize the plant fiber to make the plant string.
  5. Then with the help of the flint knife, cut the grass and take the plant fiber. Utilize the plant fiber to make the plant string.

Are you getting trouble picking up these flint shards, rocks, or sticks?

RLCraft carries a mod where functions for picking up things are different. You can either right-click on the item or bend with Shift nearby for lifting objects from the ground. Bending will uplift all the items present nearby, whereas right-click will only uplift the thing you are decided to take. You can use the bending method to lift anything from tiny holes and the ones that would usually be out of your range.

Getting Better Tools

You might aspire to build a Wooden Pickaxe from wood planks once you succeeded in getting enough of them so you can able to go and dig some stone.

However, you can notice that Cobblestone does not yield by mining Stone, you only fill up your inventory full of Rocks. If you want to pick a cobblestone, simply place 4 of them in your crafting grid in the same pattern that you would be going to work for a crafting table, which will provide you one Cobblestone.

You will get up to five various kinds of rocks: Rocks, Sandstone Rocks, Andesite Rocks, Diorite Rocks, and Granite Rocks. All of these stones will produce their very individual nature of Cobblestone when being crafted, except for the last one. But you can use every sort of Cobblestone anywhere, you would regularly require to work with regular Cobblestone in a crafting procedure, such as Stone tools.

Your torch won’t be light up when you first try to make it. You require to make the Matchbox for lighting it up by using 3 paper and 3 wooden slabs and then placing both the Unlit Torch and the Matchbox inside the crafting area. You can also take the help of Flint and Steel, which can be made with 1 flint and 1 iron metal, to light up the torches the same way.

Some players also prefer to hop wooden tools fully, which can be quickly achieved by collecting rocks off the ground, convert them into cobblestone, and producing stone tools. This method will help you craft more useful things faster. But if you are in an atmosphere with very few rocks on the ground, it will become pretty slow to craft items from this method.

  • Create a Spawn Point

To fix your respawn location, you have to make a bed just like you normally do in Minecraft.

  • Use the flint hatchet and mine the wood to make the planks for your bed. It’s not easy to only craft them like you usually do, but you need to put the wooden log on the ground and then right-click on the top of it with the hatchet.
  • Get some wool for yourself by finding some sheep to build a bed. However, try not to die in this whole process because once it happen, all your journey will be wasted, and you will have to return to the earlier stages from where you started your journey. If you want to save yourself from getting a return to your previous death spot then try random spawning.

Note: Go and look around for beds if you succeed in finding a village because there are usually several beds present in the houses.

  • What to Do Next

To explore the entire world of RLcraft from here, it is all up to the player to choose what to do next.

Choice 1 (Suggested): The player can go to battle the Dungeon to seek to make the drops of loot along with the good chests they have. One of the greatest dungeons, to begin with, is the War Tower, as it is very mild and guarantees great loot at the end.

Choice 2: The player may try to mine and establish a better base such as Minecraft. Remember that the player must update their mining level that is clearly explained in the subsequent step.

Choice 3 (For further skilled players): The player can travel the globe and seek to discover new areas along with route points hence if they have connected with one or more the across the world.

  • Other Things to Note

Useful Menus

  • Inside the player’s record, they have a crafts link that enables them to apply the skill to level up various features. Then take it to the next level attributes admit for the value of better things in a definite category. That is a great thing to retain an eye on leveling up.
  • The bestiary is an additional menu that gives information related to various creatures in the game. The player must contact or kill them to learn more about the creatures. When you get more information about a species, and a notification will also pop up in the chat.

Considering this is a further practical version of Minecraft and there is a unique craving bar and warmth gauge.

  • To drink water, the player should stoop and right-click a reference bar, although this will make the player craving as the water is not clear.
  • The ball in among the hunger bar and health bar is the climate scale. If the player is too hot or cold, and they may improve hyperthermia or hypothermia that harms the player over time. To chill out get in the water yet to stretch is tougher and needs some next game protection covering.

Health in RLCraft

  • The player cannot normally recover to full health after an injury and must apply bandages to mend themselves. The bandage is usually discarded from the crowd but can also be prepared. Magic abilities must be updated to utilize excellent healing materials. To return to full health every body part has to be healed, and if there is too much injury to your body or head, you will die immediately, despite your health bandage.
  • Different things to view out for are heart crystals, heart capsules, and red dust. Healing Dust can be molded into heart crystals that can be formed into heart capsules. The hewing recipe for both is just 3×3. Heart capsules can be preoccupied with the player and lastingly enhance the health bar through one heart.
  • Enjoy

The creation of RLCraft is infinite, and you always find many things to do. RLCraft attaches to a ton of created formation to engage the player along with load a boat of unique mobs to confront and encourage. It also proffers the latest challenge for players who have previously conquer Minecraft, possibly still many times. Now, the next step is up to you. From here, our exploit will not be simple, and you will face several difficulties. Recognize that no matter how hard and defeat this mod pack, it is still for the player to enjoy.

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