How To Make An RLCraft Server

If you are one of the players of RLCraft, then you are obviously wondering about, how on earth do you go ahead and set up your own multiplayer? So today, we will be going to look at how to set up an RLCraft server.

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How to Install RLCraft Manually?

  • First of all, make sure that you have RLCraft installed on your device because you will need it to connect to actually test your server.
  • Now visit the
  • On the home page, click on the FILE tab at the very top. It will redirect you to the page where, on scrolling further, you will see the “Recent Files”. Now under the Recent Files, click on the very first link of “+1 Server Pack”.
  • After this, you will redirect to the page where you have to go ahead and hit the link under “Additional Files” that show “RLCraft Server Pack 1.12.2 – Beta” and wait for the download to get completed.
  • Once the downloading gets completed, you can open up the server pack by clicking on your download. In this zip file, you will see the RLCraft server pack folder. You have to extract that folder by drag and drop that folder somewhere else.
  • After extraction of your folder, open it up. You will find so many folders, and to run this, you have to download the forge server from the download page where you have downloaded your server before. Here you will find the RLCraft Server Pack 1.12.2, which you have to download.
  • Now visit the On the left side of the page, you will see 1.2, you have to hit the plus button near to it, then 1.12.2, and click on that.
  • Choose from the latest or recommended, and hit the windows installer button.
  • Now open the forge and click on install server. Click on three bullets and navigate the folder in which your RLCraft modpack is present, and press ok.
  • Head to the RLCraft folder and rename the forge 1.12.2 to Forge.
  • Now you have to create a run program for your server. Open a notepad and write down java -Xmx4096M -Xms4096M -jar forge.jar nogui. Save the file in your RLCraft folder with a name run.but.
  • Get back to the folder and double click on the run.but file. Now going back again to the folder and click on eula.text and change false to true and save it.
  • Open the run.but file again and let it run till it comes to an end.
  • Now click the windows button and type c and d to open the command prompt. And when it gets open, type ipconfi and press enter. You will see multiple numbers on the screen. Stop the server and hit back to the server folder.
  • You will find a “For servers only – set these in server properties” and “server properties” text file, which you have to open.
  • Now in this text file, you have to make some changes inside the “For servers only – set these in server properties” file under “ files when it generates, for stability and compatibility”.
  • Set the data similar to the “server properties” text file and save.
  • Now copy the complete “default gateway” address from the command prompt and run it in your browser. It will lead you to the router administration page. Enter your username and password.
  • Now under the external port and internal port, enter the number that should be 25565. Under the protocol, port selects TCP/UDP, and under local IP your local computer IP address. Click on add new.

Disabled Firewall

Of course, we haven’t led it through our firewall, so we had to do that now. If you are using an anti-virus with a built-in firewall, you’ll need to go ahead and make sure that this is either disabled, or you are allowing that port through. If your anti-virus doesn’t have a firewall or you are not using firewall software, we need to enable it through windows, and for this, you need to:

  • Hit the start and type in a firewall, then you will head across to the windows defender firewall, and then inbound>new rule port>next>enter 25565 TCP>next>allow next. Now we will name it Minecraft and hit the finish button. Again new rule port>next>enter 25565 UDP>next>allow next.
  • Now from the top left corner band rules and follow the entire process from the new rule port similar to the above.>new rule port>next>enter 25565 TCP>next>allow next. Now we will name it Minecraft and hit the finish button. Again new rule port>next>enter 25565 UDP>next>allow next.

Now we have successfully done ports forwarded and allowed it through our router, and now you should be able to collect your IP address by going to google and typing in what is my IP so that other people can connect you.

Connecting your RLCraft to your server

  • Open your RLCraft, then connect to your own server on your local PC.
  • Head across to multiplayer and either add a server or direct connect, and under server address, either enter or simply type local hosts. Now hit Done.
  • You can see that your Minecraft server is online. You can change the max player and MOTD within your server files.
  • Now you can join your RLCraft to your own server.

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