How To Drink in RLCraft

In RLCraft, RL stands for Real Life or Realism. There is a thirst bar in RLCraft, and you have to maintain your thirst and hunger level to stay alive in the game. This is also one of the main differences between vanilla Minecraft and RLCraft. Getting dry out at an undesirable time can be problematic. As in real life, when you become so dehydrated, your vision will begin to get blurry to an extent where it becomes hard to see anything, the same will happen with you in the RLCraft game when your thirst bar will come notably low level. This is where the many new players get to fight when starting in RLCraft. Here, we will make sure that you will learn about everything from how to drink water in RLCraft to the difference between all the different kinds of drinks.

What affects thirst in RLCraft?

In RLCraft, there are many reasons behind the reduction of your thirst level. Like the way when you become thirsty or hungry when you perform a lot of work in real life when you perform activity like fighting or move around in RLCraft, your water level will decrease. And the more you are doing it, the faster your water level decreases.

One more reason behind the reduction in your thirst bar is the temperature existence in RLCraft. It will affect how suddenly your thirst reduces. Unsurprisingly, the more temperature you have, the more thirst bar level you’ll lose. Till you manage a suitable plan to handle the heat, you should probably avoid wasting too much time in deserted areas and mesa biomes.

If you drink contaminated water you’ll notice the ‘Thirst’ debuff, which will reduce your thirst level over a 30 second span and turn your thirst bar green. Contaminated water is every water from an origin out in the environment, even if it’s been bottled.

What are the different Method to drink in RLcraft?

The easiest method to drink is directly from water sources around the globe. It is a fast fix, but it has downsides. To do this, you sneak or lean next to a water origin slab (not water flow), the point at it, and right-click. You have to click multiple times to fill the meter.

You can also bottle water with the glass jar in your hand by right-clicking on the water source block. Bottled water does not saturate your thirst measure enough and does not accumulate in your record, so it’s pretty ineffective.

A canteen can be outfitted along with 6 types of leather and is a more efficient vessel for water. That’s because it has three applications before it requires to be reloaded.

Apparently, the most effective water source in the initial game is taking a bucket of water with you. However, be cautious when drinking the water you put down. When you bend down to drink, be mindful not to pick up anything that you put in the place of water.

Due to the water being ‘impure’, ‘thirst’ is quenched due to all these methods. To avoid this, you can purify water in some ways.

You can ‘cook’ bottled water or buckets of water in a boiler or mix a whole bottle amidst a ‘charcoal filter’. That will provide pure water, which you can drink without receiving debuff.

You can further drink rainwater that also counts as purified water. You do this by bending, looking direct up at the sky, and right-clicking. Creating a ‘rain collector’ will permit you to collect rain and have an idle source of purified water. You can bottle it up, but it’s pretty ineffective.

Juice in RLCraft

There are various types of juices you can get at RLcraft they give you more appetite than water. There are 10 different varieties of juices you can get that vary in success. And we will discuss them below.

To prepare the juice, you will require a glass container, sugar, and the vegetable or fruit through that you are making the juice.

Final Thought

Up to the time when you fight off and grow through the initial stages of the game and managed to build a farm for the fruit to produce juice or get plenty from rifling most suitable solution to your thirst obstacles is the water bucket. It doesn’t matter if it’s impure, it’s eternal and manageable. But remember that this solution won’t fight for the lower as water will evaporate. It’s considerably simple to obtain golden juices that can completely charge your bar in one drink if you have an excess of gold.

Differentitation of all the RLCraft’s drinks:

Drink Thirst Refill (Units)
Golden Apple Juice 10
Glistering Melon Juice 8
Golden Carrot Juice 7
Chorus Fruit Juice 6
Beetroot Juice 5
Cactus Juice 4.5
Melon Juice 4
Carrot Juice 4
Apple Juice 4
Pumpkin Juice 3.5
Purified Water Bottle 3
Purified Water Canteen (1 Use) 3
Purified Water Source (1 Drink) 3
Milk Bucket 3
Potion 2
Water Bottle 1.5
Water Canteen (1 Use) 1.5
Water Source (1 Drink) 1.5


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