How To Get Golem Armor in RLCraft

RLCraft modpack consists of numerous new armor collections, but the strongest and most challenging to get among them is the Golem Armor. If you thought you could craft Golem Armor with some specific resources and ingredients, then you are wrong. Instead, every individual bit of Golem Armor is crafted with nine completely arbitrary objects, and the recipe is generated randomly on each seed. So if you want to know how you can make your very own Golem Armor in RLCraft, then read some further!

What is the recipe for Golem Armor?

You will have to utilize the Runes of Crafting, which appear from the Forgotten Items mod, for finding the recipe for Golem Armor in your world. You will need the usage of an Advanced Rune Reader for translating the recipes of crafting runes hidden inside them. Not only this, but you will also necessitate a general Rune Reader because it’s a piece of the recipe to the advanced one.

You will certainly view that place wherever you have to put your runes when you utilize the Advanced Rune Reader. When you did so, it will expose the recipe that epistolizes to that rune. That implies you will have to go out and grow a batch of runes to get the right ones for your Golem Armor. It shouldn’t get you much longer to farm these runes if you are lucky enough.

How do you craft Golem Armor?

It’s simple after accumulating four accurate runes for Golem Armor creating. Once you lay the runes into the ahead Rune Reader, it will expose nine arbitrary items that you will require to set inside the formulating station in the right order.

Remembering the right items can be a pain, but there’s a cool trick you can utilize with the NEI interface to make a sort of shopping list for accurate things. That’s when the NEI interface should look in a list. You can also hang over an item on the screen and click on the ‘A’ key to save the item in the NEI’s left panel. If you arrange this for all 36 or 9 items, it will save you all, and you can simply hold a record of the things that you still require. After that, you can press ‘A’ once again to eliminate things from the list, retaining only those things, which you’re still looking.

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How to Discover Crafting Runes in RLCraft.

Crafting runes can be discovered in underwater and desert temple villages. It is certainly uncomplicated to discover underwater ones as you can fly across the ocean and you will manage to clearly view the formations under the surface of the water.

Chest of runes has a fairly large drop rate, even though they will be casual and you can discover duplicates. So feasibly you will have little chance.


Keep in mind that Golem Armor will submerge you, and you won’t be capable swim back up. If you neglect it and hop into the ocean, don’t anxiety about it. Easily remove the golem armor, and you will be capable of swim assist.

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