10 Beginner’s Tips You Need to Know in RLCRAFT

RLCraft is said to be the most challenging and arduous modpack built up of above 100 mods that raise the toughness and supplement so much content. This much complexity of the content makes the game very complicated when you try to play it for the first time. This guide of tips to play RLCraft will show you 10 tips you will necessitate to understand before getting started in RLCraft.

Even the creator of this modpack the Shivaxi, himself stated that “the bottom line is, this ain’t your dad’s Minecraft, and you’re going to die…a lot. Just be prepared for that.” These tips and tricks will aid you to die a slight bit less in the starting. If you want to download Rlcraft just visit the Homepage and download it.

Tip 1: Flint Tools

If you think you can manage your tricks of vanilla Minecraft here, then I should let you know that you are absolutely wrong. Punching a tree to arrange some wood for you to make wood tools while starting the game won’t going to work. Instead of farming the wood with your hands in RLCraft, you have to create a ‘Flint Hatchet’ to get started.

In the beginning, you will require some string, one flint, and two sticks overall.

You can plant the gravel with your hands to obtain the flint until some will drops. You can collect and reinstate any gravel, that you get again and again till you find the flint. It implies that you don’t need a number of gravels to create your own flint. You only have to need one block of gravel.

You simply need to right click on a stone or cobblestone block to create flint shards with the help of flint in your hand.

Get yourself the two branches by hitting leaves.

You can make a ‘Flint Knife’ with the help of a ‘Stick’ and one of your ‘Flint Shards’ to obtain the string. You can use this knife and cut the grass that will drop the ‘Plant Fibre’. To craft ‘Plant String’ unite three ‘Plant Fibre’ in your inventory.

Last but not least, make your ‘Flint Axe’ with a ‘Plant String’, ‘Stick’, and the other ‘Flint Shard’.

Now you can farm the wood and get begun on your adventure pf RLCraft but remember, don’t get yourself hit by falling trees.

Tip 2: Getting Planks and Sticks

Now, as you start farming wood, you’re apparently going to recognize that you can’t make planks out of wood or sticks out of planks.

You’ll require cutting the wood physically. You can do this by putting the wood on the floor and clicking right on the top of it with your axe. It can be strange sometimes, so try again if it doesn’t work in some attempts.

To obtain sticks, you have to do the exact same task but with planks.

Sadly, this approach proffers you less output than vanilla Minecraft. There is a method through which you can obtain a greater rate of results which we’ll cover later.

Tip 3: Health

In RLCraft, another thing that operates very differently is health. If you wanted to access the health window, then Press ‘H’. When you open it for the first time, there should be a ‘Tutorial’, read it thoroughly.

Basically, every individual part of the body has its own heart (3 each by default). If any of the parts of your body out of ‘Head’ or ‘Body’ reduced to zero hearts, then you will surely die despite how full your overall health is.

If any other parts of your body get reduced to zero hearts based on the limb damaged, you will undergo different outcomes.

From ‘Medkits’ to ‘Bandages’ to ‘Nymphs’, there are several methods to get healed in RLCraft.  Get yourself familiar with all these and have an eye on your ‘Head’ and ‘Body’.

Tip 4: Picking Things Up

The way of picking items in RLCraft is also different. Items will not get pulled by themselves into your inventory. Rather than that, you have to ‘Crouch’, and pick up all of the things from the ground nearby you, or you can also right click on the particular item, and it will get picked.

Tip 5: Skills, Perks and Talents

In RLraft, there are a couple of many techniques to become more robust other than gear. You can use your standard Minecraft levels to enhance your abilities and capabilities or get perks.

First, we’ll go through the ‘Skills’. On the left side of your inventory screen, there is a tab called ‘Skills’.

You use your standard Minecraft levels to enhance these ‘Skills’, and the price of leveling up them will grow each time. Enough of the actions and gears in RLCraft will have a level demand connected with these ‘Skills’.

There are a few perks you can get within each skill. Many of them are really great, so let’s get introduced to these and examine their level demands. For example, ‘Battle Spirit’ beneath ‘Combat’ will provide you a little power buff after destroying an opponent.

There are also specialization and skills in accession to these. And to access this list and pick the specialization out of it, you’ll require at least five levels to utilize this. Press ‘L’, to access this menu. It will ask you to specialize in ‘Mining’, ‘Crafting’ or ‘Combat’ if you are doing this for the first time. It implies that you will earn a small practice reward when doing specific activities with respect to your specialization. Collect ‘Combat’ is apparently great as you will receive enough experience overall from combat than crafting or mining.

You can use your levels on different talents once you’ve specialized. Despite your specialization, you can still obtain all of them. For example, ‘Random Crits’ boosts your crit probability by 5% for every level.

Note that you require to click ‘Done’ at the finish when leveling these talents, as it will not confirm the level up till you do it. For example, if you press ‘Esc’, it will cancel. I suggest you use up your levels on these things as soon as possible as these abilities and capabilities are a few of the only things you can’t miss in RLCRAFT.

Tip 6: Temperature and Seasons

Temperature and weather are present in RLCRAFT. If you are extremely hot or cold, you will begin to suffer. Early play can simply be disastrous. In summer and winter, the difficulty gets more serious. You can watch the season from the ‘season clock’, although it is unlikely to be something you have very quickly.

In many biomes, it will be very hard to linger cold in summer or hot in winter. You would recommend seeking to discover a neutral biome, to begin with.

Some of the ways you can warm up involve making woolen gear or a ‘campfire’.

The foremost method to cool off is by simply jumping in some water.

The temperature can be a genuine pain in the beginning but don’t bother. You would not disturb about it at every next in the game.

Tip 7: Thirst and Drinking

You will observe that there is a thirst meter over your fitness bar. It will go underneath extra time and will sink rapidly based on what you are performing. When this subsides, you will endure dehydration. Your screen will begin to blur, and ultimately you will die.

To drink, you have to ‘crouch’ after the water source and right-click while staring at the water. Most of the water you drink is infected and will provide you a lack of ‘thirst’. It will decrease your thirst in 30 seconds.

To evade this, you can ‘cook’ water bottles or make ‘canteens’ and do the corresponding. However, it takes a while and is a hassle to carry a bunch of water approximately. If you bring just one ‘water bucket’ along with you will have an unlimited supply of water.

Tip 8: Sabers and Halberds

As there is a couple of big weapons that you can begin utilizing pretty early are the ‘Saber’ and the ‘Halberd’.

‘Saber’ is big since it has ‘chest damage bonus’ and ‘damage absorption’. The ‘Chest Damage Bonus’ implies you will do +100% destruction to a mob that doesn’t have Chest Armour. That is most of the rivals you will be fighting for in the early game, so that is great. ‘Damage Absorption’ signifies that you will get 25% less incoming destruction still you face any injury stopped will be taken by ‘Saber’ as permanence damage.

The ‘halberd’ is a ‘two-handed’ weapon, which means that if applied along with something in your left hand you will experience ‘mining fatigue’, which will get the period among your waves very large. Aside from that, it is a big weapon. It should ‘reach’, which means you can kick targets that are considered apart from the general. It also has a lot of base erosion and reaches explain that you can be a little safe from the greatest melee mobs.

You would extremely suggest having protection most of the interval because skeleton archers are a pretty initial game.

Tip 9: Get a Saw

You should take an ‘Iron Saw’ prompt to keep away from spending a period farming for timber. An ‘Iron Saw’ enables you to acquire a good return of poles and planks from your wood. It means that you will receive the same just like a vanilla Minecraft.

To utilize the saw, you should set the saw in the center of a ‘Crafting Station’ and placed the wood under it for planks and to the right or left for poles.

Tip 10: Get a Paxel

A ‘Paxel’ is a multi-device that functions as all the devices connected, tunnels at diamond level acceleration, and has unlimited strength. It is a very useful tool, and since it can be composed of just iron and rods, it is simple to get fast. However, you will need ‘Building’ level six to build the ‘Tool Forge’ needed to put the paxel collectively.

Initially, you will get the parts. You require an ‘Iron Guard’, which will need a ‘Wood Guard’. You will also require a ‘wooden rod’ and an ‘iron paxel’ for the handle.

Formerly, you have the different elements you require to add them to ‘Equipment Forge’. The Forge menu requires you to drag and drop each and every element into the exact location, and then you can eject the finished Paxel. Firstly, the ‘wooden rod’ in second place from the left. Then ‘Iron Guard’ in the following place on the right. Ultimately, ‘Iron Paxel’ is next place. Move the finished bundle out of the time on the right, and you are satisfied.


Hope this won’t be of much help to some of you. RLCRAFT is a great modpack and, still, it can be frustrating after some time, it is well-deserving the challenge.

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